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Trashman's Treasures - Coming Soon

Some really exciting news - we have secured a lease on premises at the Old Brewery in Wickwar and are working through renovations to get ready for opening in April once the Lockdown restrictions are lifted. All of our renovations are being carried out using items we have been able to reclaim and reuse, from wooden pallets to discarded paint nothing is going to waste

Trashman Treasures is looking to create a sustainable outlet for items that come through our clearance business. Our goals are to rehome, reuse or recycle everything that we collect and put nothing into landfill. Our Emporium in these amazing premises will provide us with a retail outlet to support these goals.

We look forward to opening our doors to customers soon and hope you will visit and find something to re-love amongst our treasures

Until then - follow us on Facebook (@trashmans treasures) or Instagram (trashmans_treasures) to see the progress we are making in this transformation

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