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Returning from Covid-19 lockdown

Trashman Clearance is back up and running after the lockdown. Adhering to social distancing and hygiene processes, we wear masks and use hand wipes and sanitiser when performing any consultations or removing items. Your safety is our priority.

Have you been using the lockdown to tidy up and declutter - Trashman can come to your aid now in taking your unwanted stuff away, where possible we will aim to sell anything we can to return some value back to you, if we can't resell we will look at opportunities to re-use or recycle. We believe in working toward a zero waste environment and so putting waste into landfill is always our final option.

If you would like a free consultation for larger jobs or just need some stuff taken away - give Trashman a call on 07432 568193.

The photo below shows how Trashman turned an old fence into a useful garden storage box.

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